Güncelleme Tarihi: 06 Haziran 2022

Gösterim: 139

Our Rector VII. Attended International Social Sciences Congress

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Süleyman Özdemir attended the VII. He participated in the International Social Sciences Congress. President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Prof. Dr. The congress, inaugurated by Mustafa Şentop, attracted a great deal of attention from international academics.

Our Speaker of the Assembly, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop emphasized that they want Azerbaijan's rightful cause to be known by the international community as well, and stated that they organized such a congress under the auspices of the GNAT and the National Assembly of Azerbaijan in order to attract the attention of the academic world and the Karabakh issue. prof. Dr. Emphasizing the importance of the academic studies of Turkish and Azerbaijani academics, Mustafa Şentop said, "Convergence in the academic world and getting to know each other will have great benefits. While there are such close relations for Turkey and Azerbaijan, while there is the Shusha Declaration, there is a very strong foundation for this rapprochement. There are provisions. The steps to be taken together between Turkey and Azerbaijan at the level of other educational institutions at the university level are very important and they must be carried out quickly. We have been apart for many years. We need to take the steps to fill the gap in between. These efforts should not be just words." said. The Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan Emin Amrullayev and the President of the Higher Education Council of Turkey Prof. Dr. The congress, in which Erol Özvar also addressed the participants, continued with the papers presented by many social scientists.

After our Rector and the Turkish Delegation, who were in Azerbaijan on the occasion of the congress, visited the "Gulustan" Palace, the President of the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan Prof. Dr. Attended the official reception on behalf of Sahiba Gafarova. After the cultural tours organized in Baku within the framework of the planned visits on the second and third days of the congress, various visits and examinations were made in Shusha, the Capital of Culture of Azerbaijan. After the sessions held in Shusha, the congress was attended by the President of the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan Prof. Dr. Sahiba Gafarova and President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Prof. Dr. It ended with the closing speeches of Mustafa Şentop.

After the congress, which was intense and productive, our Rector concluded his visit to Azerbaijan by signing cooperation agreements between Azerbaijan Languages ​​University, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and History Institute, Baku Eurasia University and our University.