Güncelleme Tarihi: 16 Mayıs 2022

Gösterim: 129

In cooperation with our Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and our Folklore Society


A series of programs were held within the scope of the 40th art year of Director and Turkish Music Artist Özhan Eren. At the beginning of the week, Prof. Dr. The films Son Letter and 120, written and directed by Özhan Eren, were screened at the Fuat Sezgin Conference Hall.

On Wednesday, May 11, Faculty Member of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Assoc. Dr. A panel was held under the moderation of Bahtiyar Aslan. Film Writer İhsan Kabil and Writer Gülcan Tezcan attended the panel as speakers.

Panel Assoc. Dr. It started with the opening speech of Bahtiyar Aslan. Emphasizing the importance of Özhan Eren's art, Aslan said, “Özhan Eren is protecting these lands and our values ​​with his works of art.” said.

The panel continued with the speech of cinema critic Gülcan Tezcan on the emphasis on national moral values ​​in the context of the movie "120". The panel continued with the speech of Özhan Eren on the versatile art of the movie critic İhsan Kabil on the axis of the movie "Butterflies Fly Endlessly". After the panel, an interview was held with Özhan Eren. In the interview, Özhan Eren first talked about his life story. Eren said, “After I became a father, all children started to feel like my children. This also applies to our history. There was a problem inside of me and I tried to explain it. The collectible allows you to get a vital diploma. What will make you you is your curiosity.

Have your efforts, it will definitely take you to the ground. You make a living with your diploma, but you become rich with your efforts. This wealth is the best journey you can make within yourself.” said. At the end of the panel, Professor of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Dr. Osman Ünlü presented a plaque of appreciation to the speakers and the program ended after a collective souvenir photo was taken.